Solar for Microbusiness
with Sanmi Lajuwomi from Winock Solar

In this episode, we speak with Winock solar, a Nigerian solar solutions provider enabling access to solar. They provide rooftop solar systems from microbusinesses, which saves them ~30% on their electricity cost.

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Show notes and sources

Winock Solar Company Website:

Podcast Summary

We discuss:

  • Sanmi Lajuwomi's background and why he started working in the solar sector

  • Their research that led to focusing on the 37 million microbusinesses in Nigeria, who face regular power outages and have to rely on petrol generator

  • What is a microbusiness and why they are important to Nigeria's economy

  • The lack of data and credit that hinders the adoption of solar

  • Challenges around the solar business in Nigeria, and risks of poor quality or fraudulent products

  • The split between the Federal vs State government in Nigeria