Mini-grids in Myanmar with Richard Harrison (Smart Power Myanmar)

In this episode, we speak with Richard Harrison from Smart Power Myanmar.

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Podcast Summary

Show notes:

  • (0:55) Richard's background and prior work in Myanmar

  • (2:30) Introduction to Myanmar, its geographical, economic, and political background

  • (8:05) Myanmar's electricity sector, progress in recent years, and electrification targets

  • (11:40) Smart Power Myanmar's approach to accelerating electrification in Myanmar

  • (13:55) Smart Power Myanmar's strategic focus and identified barriers to electrification

  • (18:12) Approaches to providing commercial and consumer financing adopted by Smart Power Myanmar - equipment financing facility and the Energy Impact Fund

  • (21:35) The origins of Smart Power Myanmar, and how the organisation came about

  • (26:30) Overview of the Decentralised Energy Report for Myanmar

  • (32:10) Minigrid operators, ESCOs, funding and subsidies for minigrids in Myanmar, and progress to date

  • (35:45) Hydro minigrids in Myanmar

  • (37:45) The integration potential between private minigrids and the public national grid

  • (40:30) Productive Energy Use in minigrids, and the need for consumer financing solutions to support Productive Energy Use

  • (44:50) Examples of productive energy users who have benefited from Energy Impact Funds

  • (48:05) The impact of COVID-19 in Myanmar and for the energy sector

  • (49:20) Recommended books: Hariri's Homo Deus, Richard Rhodes' Energy: A Human History, Gretchen Bakke's The Grid

  • (51:00) Goals and hopes for electrification the next 5 years